Clinician and Researcher Resource

Our research programmes provide a beacon of hope for the many children and adults battling Histiocytosis, to ensure this research continues we ask you to support the UK Histio Registry.
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Clinician and Researcher Resource

To utilise UKHR Data and or Samples please complete and return the Application Form:

Proforma for submitting a request to use the clinical data and/or samples of the UKHR

Approval has been obtained from the NRES Committee North East (18/NE/0374) to perform research on the clinical data and/or samples collected for the UKHR without the need to obtain specific consent for individual projects.

However, to ensure that these research projects fall within the remit of the UKHR as described in the accompanying protocol, all requests to use the clinical data and/or samples of the UKHR will be reviewed by the Access Committee of the UKHR.

The review will also ensure that the work proposed does not duplicate other ongoing studies using the same data/samples, is adequately funded and has a reasonable prospect of producing meaningful results. Every effort will made to decide on the suitability of projects within 4-6 weeks. If access to samples/data is denied the reasons for this will be explained in writing.

Finally, the details of all the projects using the data/samples of the UKHR will be submitted to the NRES Committee North East as part of an annual report when they will be reviewed. Therefore, we ask all researchers proposing to use the clinical data/samples of the UKHR complete the application form below and return the completed form by e-mail to the UKHR (

Please note that as a condition of the REC approval, experiments involving the use of termination of pregnancies or reproductive cloning are specifically excluded.

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